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What are the 3 main challenges you face in your teaching this year?:My first challenge this year has been to revisit this course in light of comments from last year's students. While most of the comments were positive, there were a few things that needed changing. My next challenge, which is still ongoing, is to design a new online course. This is a PG Certificate in the Circular Economy. Like this course, it is designed around collaboration and dialogue. Unlike this course, it doesn't make use of a virtual learning environment like Moodle. My third challenge is to ensure that my students enjoy this course and that they find it challenging and worthwhile.
What do you hope to get out of this module?:I'm looking forward to working with colleagues in Namal College and learning from them.
What experience and expertise do you bring to this module?:I have been a student myself on a distance learning course so know what it is like to study through this environment. I have also taught with the Open University for about 13 years so have experience in teaching at a distance.
Tell us a few things about yourself - likes, dislikes, interests....:I was born in Edinburgh, so I am Scottish. I now live with my partner, Theresa, in Leeds which is about 10 miles from Bradford. This year I am studying French with the Open University which I am enjoying but finding hard. I am also trying to become a better photographer and am a member of Leeds Photographic Society. I like walking and reading and my favourite band is the Proclaimers. I like all kinds of food, except anchovies.
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